No matter where you live, your vehicle’s exterior takes a pounding. The beating sun, flying rocks and sand, and (if you live in colder climes) salt-covered winter roads all conspire to take the luster out of your vehicle’s beautiful finish. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to choose from when it comes to protecting the outside of your vehicle.

First and foremost, keeping your car clean and dry as much as possible is the easiest and cheapest way to protect the precious exterior. Dirt and grime not only detract from how your vehicle looks, but they can also permanently damage the paint and cause corrosion. Visiting the car wash regularly or washing carefully by hand are both surefire ways to keep your vehicle looking its best.

One step up from simply washing is waxing. While there are many ways to go about getting your car waxed, even the most basic wax job can provide an effective layer of protection from the elements. Waxing can be done in your driveway with a simple applicator pad and a chamois or a hand-held buffing machine, or a professional detailer can take things to the next level. A quality wax job not only looks fantastic, it also helps preserve those exterior looks that attracted you to your vehicle in the first place.

Washing and waxing are both effective, but if you’re serious about protecting your vehicle from the elements, then paint protection film is what you need. Plus, if you live where the weather gets cold and the roads get really nasty, using paint protection is the ultimate solution for keeping your vehicle pristine.

Paint protection film (pictured above) is a clear urethane film that can be applied to any of your vehicle’s painted surfaces. The major benefit of using this film is that it uses a physical barrier to stop stones, sand, bugs, and other undesirable road debris looking to do damage. Professional shops can install protection film in specific, high target areas like behind the wheels and on the front bumper, or the entire car can be wrapped to ensure maximum protection.

Your vehicle is an investment. It deserves to look and perform its best, so be sure to protect it today. All of these solutions can be weekend-DIY projects, or you can simply let INFINITI of Gwinnett handle the work while you enjoy the benefits. Schedule your next vehicle service online, and let us handle the rest.